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Each week we will showcase a special “Classic” firearm we have at THE RANGE. Rare to Nostalgic… Military to Big Game…and no telling what in between. These firearms will be on display at a special spot in one of our showcases. If you are interested in taking a look just ask one of our associates.

This week’s feature is the Iconic Smith & Wesson Model 19-2 .357 Combat Magnum Revolver. It is the round butt model with a 2 ½” barrel and adjustable sights. The numbered “19” series began in 1957. The Model 19-2 was made between 1961-1966 and is among the finest modern revolvers ever made. Back in the late 1990’s, a close friend gave me her father’s S&W 19-2 after his death. I was pretty excited about it and told a good friend who owned a small gun shop about my gift. “Have you shot it yet?” he asked. I was curious and inquired why he asked. He laughed and told me his daddy had always told him that if you ever shoot a S&W Model 19 you will never want to shoot another revolver. “They have the best factory trigger of any revolver and you will never be satisfied with another.” I took it out and shot it the next week…Turns out his daddy was right! By the way, the 19-2 we have at the range is in like-new condition.