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Enhanced Conceal Carry (two-night class)

The Range By Jimmy Primos 112 Dees Dr, Madison

Enhanced Conceal Carry (two-night class)

If you are unable to spend 8 hours in a classroom, the two-night course is for you. This course is for men and women interested in basic gun handling safety and preparing your mind for a confrontation. It is designed for anyone considering owning a firearm or if you already own a firearm for self-defense. You will spend 4 hours in the classroom the first night and 4 hours on the range the second night.

The course is designed to give you:

A clear understanding of gun safety
The fundamentals of holding, loading and using your weapon
The knowledge of how to be aware of your surroundings in order to avoid conflict
The insight on how to prepare yourself mentally to survive a hostile encounter
The understanding of where you can and cannot carry your gun in and outside of Mississippi

You will receive:

A certificate that allows you to apply for the state of Mississippi enhanced permit through the MS Department of Public Safety.

What is provided:

Text books (available to purchase)
Eye and ear protection
Indoor shooting range to qualify
Virtual Simulator training designed for home invasion (if time permits)
Snacks and drinks

What to bring:

Closed-toed shoes
Long or short-sleeved shirt (crew neck if t-shirt) when on the shooting range
Driver License
The gun you will prefer to carry with 50 to 100 rounds of ammo
Guns available to rent for $15
Ammo can be purchased on site

Price - $200 per person (non-refundable)