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One of the most important steps toward ensuring your own safety is having a personal safety strategy in place before you need it. NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim® program teaches the tips and techniques you need to be alerted to dangerous situations and to avoid criminal confrontation. According to the FBI, in 2016, there were an estimated 1,248,185 violent crimes reported to law enforcement. That's one violent crime every 25 seconds! The FBI additionally reported an estimated 7,919,035 property crimes in 2016. Motor vehicle theft remains a major reported crime with 766,484 occurring in 2016. The Refuse To Be A Victim® program is not a firearms or self-defense class. It is a seminar that will help you improve your personal safety strategies and will provide you with valuable information that you can apply in every area of your life.


A class designed for ladies only
October 28/29 2019


This class provides hands on instruction to a small class of women. This is the p e rf ect class for women who have never used a firearm. We provide a range of handguns for ladies to practice with, as well as all of the ammunition. Our expert instructors take a one-on-one approach to helping each lady find the gun that suits her best. At the end of this course, each lady will know how to properly handle a gun. She will be comfortable loading, unloading, carrying and shooting a firearm. When the lady leaves this course she also has a good idea of what type of gun fits her before she goes to purchases one. The first night of class is held in a classroom. Textbooks and all material are included in the tuition fee. Ladies are encouraged to bring a snack if they so desire. The second night of class is held at an outdoor range. Ladies are asked to bring hearing and eye protection.  


Confidence in carrying your concealed weapon. 
April 9,2019
This class is to take the student from the fundamentals of shooting and give them the confidence and tools to enhance their training. Depending on a students skill level they will be instructed on first round placement on target and follow up with additional rounds with the goal to be able to place 5 rounds on target in a fast efficient method. Students will also learn and practice the skills to reload and get their weapon back into the fight.

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