FFL Transfers

Use The Range as your FFL to receive or ship firearms from other dealers.

No Freight or Transfer FEES when you purchase your firearm through our online store and ship to us. Not on our online store? Call us to see if we can find it for you to save on freight and fees.

*We do not accept private transfers.

Buying from a dealer out of state:

  • If you are buying a firearm from an out-of-state Federally Firearm Licensed dealer, they will need a copy of our FFL to ship to us. To get a copy of our FFL, that dealer must send us an email request at INFO@RANGEBYJP.COM  We will email the dealer our FFL with shipping instructions.


When you receive a confirmation of delivery (from whoever the shipper is, UPS, FED-EX, or USPS), that is your confirmation it has been delivered to our store. WE WILL CALL YOU WHEN IT IS READY FOR PICKUP, as we have to legally process it before you can come in.

Selling and shipping a firearm to someone who lives out of state:

  • If you sell a firearm to someone who lives out of state, you will need to ship that firearm to a Federally Licensed Firearm Dealer where the new owner can pick it up. We will need you to decide which FFL Dealer you want us to ship to and supply us with a copy of that dealer's FFL license. We can pack and ship the firearm for you.
Single Firearm with conceal carry permit $25.00
Single Firearm without a conceal carry permit $35.00
NFA Transfer $100.00
Single Firearm $35.00
Shipping Carrier UPS; fees depend on ship to address

 *If your Firearm or NFA item is purchased from our store,  you will not be charged the $35.00 fee if being returned to the vendor under warranty.