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Defensive Handgun Class



This class is the foundation of armed self-defense training. From stance to grip to physical shooting technique, this
class will help students to get their body to work with their gun instead of against it. You will learn which intuitive skills
work best with what your body will naturally do while under stress in a violent encounter/attack. Whether you’re
looking to train on the basics of putting bullets where you want them to go or building your skill for rapid acquisition
and engagement of multiple targets in a real-world scenario you will find it here in the Defensive Shooting
Fundamentals Level 1 class.

Drills introduced and practiced on the range include:

  • Extend - Touch - Press
  • Up and Up Multiple
  • Emergency Reload
  • Balance of Speed and Precision
  • Presentation from the Holster
  • Lateral Movement
  • Facing Movement
  • Tactical Stroll
  • Dynamic Deviation (optional per instructor)
  • Push Your Limits (optional per instructor)
  • Home Defense Simulation

After registration, you will have to purchase the E-Learning Module for $30 and complete at your home prior
to taking the live-fire exercises. Call 877-577-4800 and select option 1 to request the E-Learning module.

  • Course length: 8 hours Live Fire + USCCA E-Learning Module (Approx. 6 hours)

What to bring to live-fire course:

  • E-Learning certificate
  • Pistol with 300 to 400 rounds of ammo
  • Ear protection
  • Clear eye protection

Holster- Preferably the one you use for everyday carry. The holster should allow you to safely re-holster.



  • $175.00 non-member (non-fundable)
  • $150.00 active member of The Range (non-refundable)
    Contact: Beth Busbea at 601-746-2202


6pm to 10pm


6pm to 10pm


6pm to 10pm

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